Friday, February 17, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me

Hey.. Here I am. Today is my born day. 21 years ago, around 1 PM, I came to this beautiful world with my cry of course. So happy with thankful heart for everything I have in this age. I'm employed, I almost finish my study in Telkom Polytechnic (still waiting for my sidang day), I'm healthy, I have wonderful friendship, I have boyfriend, I have many good things. Thank you, Lord. You are always kind, full of love every single breath.

I think it's enough. I don't need a birthday cake or many presents although I love to have it. Hahaha.. No party, but there are some prayers from my family and my friends. Wish every prayers come true. Amen.

So, what will happen in my 21? We'll see. :)
And.. thank you so much 20, for many experience, happiness, tears, and everything that have made me grow, be better, and stronger.

Happy birthday Ebi! Love you, Sapi! Love you, Udang! Love myself so much. Hihi ^_^

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