Sunday, December 27, 2015


- ever chat him, text him, call him, and meet him!
- ever try to remember first date, first kiss, first eat, and another firsts.
- ever try to find information about him anymore!
- ever come to places where you and him often visited.
- ever miss him!

- join sport club.
- take many responsibility in many things.
- love yourself.
- open your heart for another men.
- be busy!
- find more and more new friends!
- forget your past!
- run for your own life!
- forgive him and his fools.
- love your life.


  1. Joining a sports club would surely help meeting and knowing new people. Giving time to itself is a good way to reflect on whatever they did or happened that day was done in right way or could it be done in a better / efficient way. Thats how people grow in their carrier / life.

  2. In Today's fast paced life we have become robot, doing work ... work .... work and We tend to forget to give time to our loved ones